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Better Coaches
Better Players
Better Teams

Start with Better Communication

Many teams are already recording games. Now there’s an easy way for any coach to effectively edit and share this video with individual players to spot patterns, provide feedback, improve performance, and create a one-to-one relationship.

The Quiet Coach platform makes it easy to edit, comment on, and share practice and game video.

The Quiet Coach is beta testing innovative hardware that propels wireless coaching communication into the digital wearable space. Coaches use our innovative wearable transmitter and receivers to privately connect to every player on the field. They decide who and when to provide feedback to. No more needing to get close to a player, or pull them aside, to correct them. With our tool, they give private feedback to anyone instantly.

By giving coaches up to 4x more coachable moments to improve player development, players realize accelerated skill acquisition.

Coaches need better communication, not more practice time.

Better Coaches, Better Players, Better Teams.